Selectmen’s Meeting April 7,2020

Present: Steve St. Jean, Jed Whiting, Jeff Lecander, Brandy Farnsworth, and Amanda Brochu
Attending: Tina O’Donnell, Kathy Fearon, Jim Brochu, Lori LeMont, Eileen Drummond, Leanne Delcourt, and Andy Brann
Meeting opened with Jed motioning to accept minutes as written and Steve seconding it. All were in favor.
Agenda #1 As Patty Simpson was not able to attend the meeting, Jeff Lecander spoke on her behalf. A Caring Calls program has been set up to make calls to Seniors in the area to check on them and to see if they need help. More information is on the towns Facebook page.
Agenda # 2 Short term rentals- Jed said that there is concern in the area about people from out of state coming to stay here to get out of the cities and could potentially bring the virus here. Steve said that the governor recently closed all motels/hotels and that short term rentals were included in that. Leanne mentioned that they can rent to people providing essential services and Brandy mentioned that they would need a letter saying that they are essential.
Agenda # 3 Jed said that he has been approached about a community fund for people affected by Covid 19. Leanne said that Jen Reese has headed up Stratton Community Volunteers which has raised quite a bit of money to help. Fotters is set up to take donations of cash or groceries. Also, the Morse’s with Sugarloaf Chapel has money for immediate needs.
Agenda #4 Andy Brann wanted to mention that the SBA has money to help small business and that they have good information, easy access, and were lots of help.
Brandy requested that the selectman go into executive session.