General Assistance

General Assistance is a State mandated, municipally administered financial assistance program. It was designed to be the program of “last resort” for residents of the community who are unable to provide for their basic needs. Applicants must provide verification of their income and expenses, residence, and if unable to work, medical documentation substantiating their work limitations. Applicants are required to seek work if physically able and/or to apply for assistance from any other programs that may be available to them. A determination of eligibility is made for a thirty-day period based on anticipated earnings.

The General Assistance is the most accountable assistance program in the State of Maine. Applicants are required to take responsibility for themselves by endeavoring to become self-reliant. For disabled persons, this may mean applying for disability benefits, for able-bodied persons, obtaining meaningful employment.

Applications are taken by appointment only.

Phone: 207-246-4401

Fax: 207-246-3267

General Assistance Administrator : Rachel Williams

Cell Phone: 207-491-0245


Forms to get you started:

GA Application  

Appointment Information  

This form will give you a guideline of what you will need to bring to your appointment.  If you have any items on this list please bring it with you to your appointment.

Employer verification

If currently working have your employer fill this form out and return at your appointment.  If unemployed, please have your last employer fill out the form.

Landlord verification Form

Have your current or future landlord fill this form out,

Medical form

If medical problems prevent you from working please have your doctor fill out and return.

Job search form

If you are applying or have received General Assistance then you need to be working or actively searching for employment.