2021 Any- Deer permit lottery is open!



2021 Any-deer permit lottery is open!


To apply online, visit mefishwildlife.com. Applications must be completed online by 11:59 pm on August 17, 2021.


It is free to apply for the any-deer permit lottery. The drawing will be held on September 10, 2021 and results will be posted on the Department’s website.


Decide which Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) you would like to apply for by viewing the interactive Wildlife Management District Map or Wildlife Management District PDF map and description.


Learn more about the any-deer permit lottery.

Frequently asked questions


What will I need to complete the application?

  • Current Big Game Hunting License (or complimentary or lifetime license). Note: Landowners planning to hunt on their own land without a license can apply online without a hunting license, see landowner exception below.
  • Districts wishing to hunt in.
  • Personal information (Name, Address, Age, etc.).
  • Landowner information (if applicable: including acres and town).

What is a bonus deer permit?

A bonus deer permit entitles a hunter to an additional antlerless deer in the wildlife management district (WMD) for which the permit is assigned. Bonus deer permits are only awarded in WMDs where there are more permits available than applications received and in deer management subunits. Learn more.



I own land in Maine, what is the difference between the special landowner drawing and the landowner exception?

  • Special landowner drawing: Any private landowner is eligible for the landowner permit drawing if the person owns a particular piece of land that is: 25 or more contiguous acres in size; is agricultural, forested or undeveloped land; and open to hunting, including hunting by permission. Any dependent living in the household of a qualifying landowner is eligible. For the special landowner drawing, you do not have to apply in the same district where the 25+ acre parcel of land is located if you apply with a regular hunting license. Learn more.
  • Maine resident landowner exception: Maine resident landowners may hunt without a license on their own land if they live on that particular piece of land, the piece of land exceeds 10 acres in size, and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes. A landowner whose hunting privilege is under revocation is not eligible to receive an any-deer permit or bonus deer permit. An unlicensed resident landowner may apply for an any-deer permit or bonus deer permit only in the district where his or her qualifying land is located. If an unlicensed landowner is selected to receive a permit, the permit is valid only on the qualifying land, even if a hunting license is later acquired. In order for a permit to be valid anywhere in a district, a hunting license must be acquired prior to application and that license number used on the application. Learn more. 

Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?
Yes, you can edit an application that you have submitted online up until the application deadline. You will need to have your confirmation number from your online any-deer application before starting. Go to the initial application area. Enter your information as though it was your first application. The system will prompt you for your confirmation number. Enter your confirmation number and click on the “Edit my Application” icon. Your application will appear for editing.