May 18, 2021

Town of Eustis

Selectmen’s Meeting

May 18, 2021

Present: Jed Whiting, Amanda Brochu, Steve St. Jean, Brandi Farnsworth, Jeff Lecander

Attending: Tina O’Donnell, Rachel Williams, Kirk Williams, Sherri Thompson

Steve opened the meting @ 6pm and welcomed those in attendance.

Jed made a motion to accept the minutes from the meeting May 4, 2021 Brandi 2nd the motion Steve, Brandi, Jeff, Amanda, and Jed all in favor.

The Selectmen signed all appointments for the year.

Heather Target has requested to use the Community Building parking lot to park her PT Vehicle and see clients. Steve Made a motion to allow Heather to use the Community Building Parking lot for PT, Jed 2nd the Motion, Steve, Brandi, Jeff, Amanda, and Jed all in favor.

Kirk gave the Selectmen the quotes from Fine Line Paving. Steve made a motion to hire Fine Line Paving to pave Dead River Road and Porter Nadeau Road Brandi 2nd Steve, Brandi, Jeff, Amanda, & Jed in favor.

Rachel will email the Town Lawyer to make sure the way we have our personnel policy written covers us with the new Earned Paid Leave. Bring back to the next meeting.

The school has a complaint about people parking in the school parking lot and camping overnight while using the boat launch. There is a sign posted about parking now, but we will confirm if the parking lot can be used in the summer months while not in session by the school and will get back at the next meeting about what to do about the signage.

There was an issue between there little league coach Aj Beaulier and Barry London Jed contacted the commissioner of Cal Ripkin Little league and is waiting on a return call back. This complaint or issue may need to be filed with them and not a town issue. We will talk about this again at the next meeting.

Sherri Thompson is requesting the Selectmen to sign off on adding more outside seating. All selectmen signed the paper for Sherri to turn into the Liquor inspector.

Price change from C-Prompt for the next year was increasing but if we paid before we could keep the lower price for one more year, so we did as it was already in our budget for the year just paid it early.

We are looking into getting spectrum to also grant us internet for the community building. 

The Select board if they could move the meetings back to the Town Office now that covid occupancy limits will be lifted by the next meeting the library will resume normal hours and occupancy but Wendy can require masks to enter the Town Office.

To cover the cost of the Bicentennial Flags the Selectmen will appropriate $800 form surplus to the Christmas decorations account to cove the cost of the bicentennial banners.

Brandi made a motion to appropriate $800 from surplus to the Christmas Decorations fund to cover the cost of the Bicentennial Banners, Jed 2nd and Steve, Brandi, Jeff, Amanda, and Jed in favor.

Jed made a motion to Adjourn the meeting, Steve 2nd Steve, Brandi, Jeff, Amanda, and Jed in Favor.