2021 Dog Licensing


2021 Dog Tags are now available!

I’ve had a lot of questions this year regarding licensing/registering your dog(s)- so let me explain a couple of things.

Dogs that are 6 months and older must be licensed in the municipality that you primarily reside in. You must bring proof of a current rabies vaccination. You may begin purchasing your current dog tag on October 15th of each year, and they are due by February 1st of the following year. After that, a late fee will be charged and you will get a visit from your local Animal Control Officer.

This is mandated by both your municipality and the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program. Rabies is a serious problem, and this helps them control and monitor the spread of rabies.

Last year we had an incredibly year at the Town of Eustis, I barely had to make any ACO visits regarding licensing. Let’s make it another good year!

Thank you! I hope to see you all soon! -Mercedes Freeman