Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes 5/5/20

Town of Eustis
Selectmen’s Meeting
May 5,2020
Present: Steve St. Jean, Jed Whiting, Jeff Lecander, Brandy Farnsworth, and Amanda Brochu
Attending: Tina O’Donnell, Kathy Fearon, Mercedes Freeman, Jim Brochu, Kirk Williams, Lori Lemont, Edie Dunlap and Andy Brann
Agenda #1 Meeting opened via Zoom with Jed motioning to accept minutes from the April 21st meeting as written and Brandi seconding it. All were in favor.
Agenda #2 Opening the town office- Steve consulted MMA and they thought reopening was fine. After discussion, it was decided that the town office can reopen to the public using safety precautions such as: masks, requiring hand sanitizer, limiting to two people in the lobby with a line for one to stand back to wait, keeping the glass window closed, etc. Jed made a motion that we reopen on Thursday May 7th as long as we can do so safely. Steve seconded it. All were in favor so motion passed. Discussion then turned to bringing back Mercedes and Tina. Kathy stated she needed them both. Options were discussed on how to do it safely with three in the office. Mercedes agreed to come back on Monday the 11th and Tina on Wednesday the 6th.
Agenda # 3 Opening the Library= Wendy submitted a letter asking for changes to make the library more safe. Steve stated that the library opening to the public would be at least June. Curbside pickup was discussed as well as a barrier that Wendy requested at the desk. The computers that patrons use would also need to be separated- it was decided that would be easy to do with a network cable. Steve made a motion that the library possibly reopen on June 1st after these changes were made and that Wendy purchase the barrier. Jed seconded it. All were in favor, motion passed. An outside kiosk that Wendy suggested was decided against for sanitary reasons.
Steve made a motion that the library return to curbside pick up on Monday the 11th. Jed seconded it. All were in favor so motion passed.
Agenda # 4 Audra’s contract- Audra submitted a 3 year contract with a requested increase of $500 per year. Brandi made a motion to accept this contract, Jed seconded it. All were in favor. Motion passed.
Agenda #5 Jeff brought up the winter roads contract. Should we receive money back from Absolute Services as this was a light snow year? Andy says it was average and that he did more sanding. It was decided to find out the 10 year average and the total snow fall for this year and to then discuss it when they could meet in person.
Agenda #6 Blanchard Park- Jed wondered if by June 1st the park could be reopened with signage promoting social distancing and other safe practices. This will be discussed more next meeting.
Agenda #7 Informational-
Jed stated that Stratton Lumber was visited by the State Police about the chipping noise starting very early in the morning. If we get complaints from residents, this is not coming from Stratton Lumber, but ReEnergy. When the chipper works at Stratton Lumber, it will not start so early.
Summer Rec program was discussed. Transportation will be an issue as we cannot have more than 10 kids on a bus. It was discussed that parents would have to transport and so would need to keep it local. It was decided to ask Millie Howard to attend the next meeting with the schedule of activities.
Steve mentioned that there was no increase in the school budget again this year.
Patty Simpson is working on a grant from Weyerhaeuser for the food pantry.
Jeff mentioned that $5000 was received from Helix for Blanchard Park and that it would be used for climbing equipment and for the skating rink.
Edie Dunlap is working on a grant for $82,000 for the Flagstaff ATV club in which the club will get 70% of it for the trails.
Steve made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Jed seconded it. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned.