Board of Selectmen

Stephen St. Jean, Chair, 2021 Jeff Lecander, 2022 Brandi Farnsworth, 2023 Amanda Brochu, 2023 Jedediah Whiting, 2022 Meets every other Tuesday @ 6pm If you wish to be on the Agenda, please let the Town Office know before 11am on the day of the meeting. Minutes 2020 January-7th-2020 January 14th, 2020 January 28th, 2020 February … Continue reading Board of Selectmen

School Board

David Richards, 2021 Susan Fotter, 2021 Casey Cote, 2019 Jeff Brickley, 2019 Sarah Strunk Michael Shea, Superintendent Meeting is 2nd Tuesday of each month Stratton School

Planning Board

Lori Lemont, Chair, 2021 Mark Humphries, 2022 Lynn Schnorr, 2022 Dwight Gellman Jeff Brickley Meeting is 2nd Thursday of the month @ 4:30 pm If you wish to be on the Agenda, please let the Planning Board know the Friday prior to the meeting. Meeting Minutes May 10 2018 Eustis Planning Board Minutes

Recreation Committee

Millie Howard Amanda Brochu Amber Gellman Carol Sherrier Katie Richards Jeff Lecander